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3candid square dance shots

Some Celebrants
at the Rich Reel
50th Birthday Party
on 12/12/12


Rich & Tony.

Atia and Russ.

Marilynn & Mark.

SF Chronicle StoryBrad and Alistair in the HMRC Ballroom

The Chronicle published an article about the popularity of square dancing among baby boomers. [LINK]


Steve: January 7

Carol: January 8

David: January 15

Eloise: January 17

Lewis: January 18

Louis: January 24

Leon: January 25


David: February 8


Russ: March 1

Dan: March 7

Tony: March 10

Steve: March 10

Steve: March 26

Kathy: March 31


April 15: Matt

April 25: Mario

May Birthdays

May 5: Fen

May 6: Ron

May 14: Mimi

May 20: Jay

May 26: Richard

May 31: Dave

June Birthdays

June 8: John

June 10: Atia

June 15: Erik

June 16: Ann

July Birthdays

July 3: Italo

July 7: Freeman

July 10: John

July 11: Anna

July 20: Tony

July 21: Tony

July 23: Lorenzo

July 31: Colleen

August Birthdays

August 1: Tomas

August 2: Alice

August 5: John

August 27: Felix

August 29: Steve


September 22: Thad

September 25: Elise

September 26: Stewart

September 30: Rick


October 1: Abby

October 17: Michael

October 26: Mark


Peter: December 6

Fabian: December 7

Alistair: December 9

Randy: December 10

Rich: December 12
WSD Class Instructor

Allan: December 14
Club Night Caller

Gary: December 15

Harlan: December 18
Club Night Caller

Steve: December 19

Craig: December 27

2013 Cinco Dance Stars

Rosarita Steve
  • RitaRosa Steve


    CincoCaller: Barry Clasper


    Former WSD Board Member Mark with current member Tony.

    Caroline of the Crinolines with WSD Delegate to Convention Mario.

    Festooned Fabian won the big bucks during the Stumptown 50/50.

    Remembering the Year 2011

    The 2011 inductee into The Order of the Two Left Feet brought panache to the proceedings of Western Star events. Tony wishes all a Happy New Year!

    Madhatter Party: Tony's debut as Theme Night host in January.
    Tony ushered in the Lunar New Year at the February 3 class. Tony played Cupid for the Valentine Party.
    In March, Tony was beadazzled for Mardi Gras Party
    Tony turned Leprechaun for St.Pat's Party
    Tony Cottontail at the Easter Party in April

    Tony celebrated Cinco de Mayo on Mainstream Graduation night

    Accident prone, nerdy Tony at the Halloween Dance

    Holiday spirited Tony at the InterClub Social


  • Past Homepage Highlights

    Previously Published Stories

    This page ARCHIVES stories from the Home Page up to 2014.


    --News Items from January 2014

    Scene from Newbie Dance

    Mainstream student Lyla represented WSD at the Newbie Dance in Vallejo on January 25 with caller Charles Bridges.

    --News Items from February 2014

    Post Card
    Climb Upon My Knee, Sonny Boy

    Lorenzo posed with Sonny Bono during the Swing Thru the Palms Fly-In.

    VIDEO CLIP: Darren called You Should Be in Movies at the Village Green historic site.

    Lucky Louis

    WSD Board Member Louis won the split-the-pot cash prize at the FCD/WSD Valentine Dance on February 8.

    --News Items from March 2014

    WSD Anniversary Dance

    Eric Henerlau called for the 3nd Anniversary Dance, including these few moments of patter.


    --News Items from February 2013

    A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

    Darren Gallina called "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" with dancers under the collosal statue of Marilyn Monroe during the Palm Springs Fly-In.
    VIDEO CLIP: Watch for Ann & Tony, Willie & James, and Steve Meyer.

    Laissez les bons temps rouler

    Mardi Gras king Rich Reel.

    Steve and Ann celebrated at February 11 dance.

    Valentine Class Night
    February 14.

    Ron & Atia

    Tony & Rich

    Louis and Jay

    Walk and Dodge the Rain Dance
    February 16.

    VIDEO CLIP [35 seconds]: Warming up during the Pre-Rounds with Fiddlestepper's Polka, then square dancing to the Over the Rainbow finale.

    Thom and caller Darren Gallina

    Michael and Tony

    Hans and Ann

    Nancy and cuer John Flora

    On the Town
    Contra Dancing in the Dark
    February 22.

    With the romantic lighting it may be difficult to see, but in the video clip, Elise, Russ and Art are dancing with the group near to the stage.

    On the Town
    Dancing in the Dark
    February 27.

    PHOTO: Gary and Ann at the BLACK LIGHT BALL.
    VIDEO CLIP: With lights out, the white gloves float in the dance hall. Eric Henerlau is the caller.


    --News Items from March 2013

    Wearing of the Green
    When "Irish" eyes are smiling...

    James and Ann.

    Alice and Willie

    Video Clip: Multi-layered event--
    Last month, Rich performed a Christmas song for Arlene's and Jim's birthday on St.Patrick's eve.

    Scenes from the
    Western Star 31st Anniversary Dance
    March 23

    VIDEO: Hunter Keller performed his yodeling cowboy skills.

    Nancy, The Easter Bunny (Steve Huggins)and Elise.

    Willie and James award the champagne basket door prize (donated by Davida & Gary) to Tony.

    Dancing THE BUNNY HOP

    Not only did the anniversary dance feature squares with Hunter Keller and pre-rounds with John Flora; but the multi-talented Michael Levy was there to lead the line for The Bunny Hop.

    Class Level Dancing with Hunter

    New dancers enjoyed a bit of patter drill, and Hunter's special rendition of Y.M.C.A.

    --News Items from April 2013

    Mainstream Graduation

    The WSD Mainstream class completion ceremony was held on Thursday, April 18. WSD Class Coordinator Tony, Instructor Rich, graduates Jay, Alistair and Steve.
    More photos and a video clip are displayed on the Website CLASS PAGE.

    Tableau Vivant

    At the Oaktown 8s Tea Dance on April 7, Brad and Alistair struck a slightly familiar pose. See photo that accompanies Chronicle story in Left SideBar.


    James peered around Tony as Willie was awestruck by the photo of Ann's dance boots in the Chronicle Datebook.

    Rich in the Top 10

    WSD instructor Rich Reel was voted into the SCVSDA Top 10 Caller group. All ten have been invited to participate in Jubilee (see information below).

    Gary, Rich, Willie and Elise at Jubilee 2012.

    Jubilee Sept. 13-15, 2013
    3 days for $40.

    The 57th Jubilee will be held in San Jose.  The Early Bird price for the entire weekend is $40, ending on May 31. Either purchase directly from Willie; OR Register online at www.scvsda.org, click on 57th Jubilee.
    Featured callers: Dan Nordbye and Charlie Robertson.
    Local Callers: Vicki Woods, Roger Smith, Rich Reel, Jim Osborne, Harlan Kerr, Eric Henerlau, Rob French, Keith Ferguson, Bob Elling, Gary Carnes.

    Featured round dance cuers: Mary Ann Callahan and Craig Cowan ... and Popular Local Cuers.

    Key Jubilee features:
    Plus, Advanced, and Challenge Halls; Relaxed Plusall day Saturday; Round Dance Teach Saturday morning; Intro to Rounds and intro to C1 on Saturday.

    Gunderson High School 622 Gaundabert Lane San Jose, CA Note: Free parking

    VIDEO CLIP (18 seconds): Rich calling at Jubilee 2012. In the square: Alice & Ed; Willie & James; Gary & Caroline. Filmed by Elise.

    --News Items from May 2013

    Scenes from
    Cinco de Mayo Dance
    May 4

    The Cincopaters: Kathy, Penny, James, Barbara and Willie

    VIDEO CLIP: First Tip. The squares filled up with skirts and crinolines even though RitaRosa Steve had not yet arrived.

    Italo, WSD's newest member, with Tony.

    VIDEO CLIP: Jay and Rich were the Two-Step stars to the tune of Louisiana Saturday Night, backed up by a dance chorus of rounders.


    Davida (as Catharine Zeta-Jones) and John (as Antonio Banderas).

    Gary, Connie and Sol.

    VIDEO CLIP: Pre-Rounds excerpt Answer Me. Filmed by Elise. Cued by John Flora.


    Construction Zone Tip
    Dancing at Davida's
    May 30.

    While HMRC was "dark," Plus class was held up on a rooftop.

    Plus Class member Jay posed with special guest "Angel" Liuda, visiting WSD from the Tech Squares of Cambridge, Mass.

    VIDEO CLIP: Making Love in the Country.

    --News Items from June 2013

    From Phys Ed to Western Star
    Freeman Stamper Tells His Story

    Freeman In a recently-published article appearing in the IAGSDC Newsletter, Freeman tells the tale of a Louisiana school boy in Folk Dance class who one day would square up at Western Star. [LINK]

    Western Star Mentioned in
    San Francisco Business Times

    In an article about how the Convention will bring over a million dollars into The City, WSD is included "as San Francisco's own..."

    --News Items from July 2013

    Scenes from Convention

    VIDEO CLIP: Friday July 5. FUN BADGE TOUR, Portsmouth Square.

    First-time conventioneers Elise and WSD Standard Bearer Steve

    VIDEO CLIP: Friday July 5. FUN BADGE TOUR, Treasure Island.

    Lorenzo on stage at Union Square for the Grand March ceremonies.

    Convention Banquet Night:
    Rich, Ann, TonyA, TonyC.

    Richard [center] was a Grand Marcher to the ceremonies at Union Square.

    Current WSD Administrator Gary with former Administrator Anna.

    Former WSD Board members John and Rick at the Convention brunch.

    Steffany and Ann kick-started Freeman's birthday weekend celebration on Honky Tonk night.

    Italo with WSD instructor Rich.

    Convention Contra

    VIDEO CLIP: Filmed July 4. Watch for WSD members Erik & Steve, Russ, David, Craig.


    Mimi and Russ at the Weave Your Heart contra dance.

    New Member

    While attending her first convention at Weave Your Heart, Colleen (above, left) was recruited into the current WSD Plus Class. Not only did Colleen matriculate into the class, she also contributed dues to join the club. Alice welcomed Colleen as Western Star's newest member.

    --News Items from August 2013

    Dancing in the Dark

    Convention Glowstick Tip. Not much to see here, but many dancers said they enjoyed the experience. Eric Henerlau was the caller.

    On The Town

    Gary and Colleen at the Tam Twirlers Hawaiian Luau Dance on August 28.

    Italo & Don at the ECR California Twirl Dance on August 10.

    WSD members Matt and Susan. Matt won the 50/50 at California Twirl.

    David and Russ on the way to film festival.

    Scenes from Dia de los Muertos
    ECR Event was November 2

    Steve and Tony


    Turkey Head Don & Italo


    Ann and Louis


    --News Items from December 2013



    Squareoling 2013. Walking in the Winter Wonderland


    Squareoling 2013. Jingle Bells


    Squareoling 2013. Christmas in Killarney


    Squareoling 2013. I'll Be Home for Christmas

    A Rich Wish

    Rich celebrated during WSD Mainstream class on December 12, 2013.

    Baby, It's Cold Outside

    Furry-headed Italo and Ann tried to keep warm at the Relay the Reindeer dance on December 7.

    Video Clip: Jet Roberts called. WSD dancers include Steve, Italo, Tony, Don, Dan and Colleen.


    "Angels" dance free and are always needed to help the students. Meet in the HMRC dance studio at 7 p.m. with instructor Rich Reel.


    --News Items from January 2012

    WSD Convention Photo Archive

    Following several months of volunteer work, the archive collection of Western Star group photos from past conventions is now uploaded to the WSD website and displayed for permanent view. Due to the large size of the files, the photos have been cropped and reduced, but in most cases, clicking on the photo will expand the picture to the original size and content. Rick, Richard and Gary worked on processing photo scans, editing and uploading; and Russ and Freeman researched and provided photos to fill in the gaps where pictures were missing from the collection.
    WSD Convention Page Archive [LINK]

    Sample (2000 Baltimore Convention)
    Mouse-over to see expanded photo.

    Square Phenomenon.

    Flora In a rare occurence, a gender-correct square formed spontaneously during the WSD Mainstream Class. Ann & TonyL, Alice & TonyC, Elise & Lewis, and Atia & Steve were the astounded couples in the chance harmonic convergence.

    --News Items from February 2012

    Changes Made to E-Mail Promotions

    -Change to Fly-In Promotions

    Forwarding of e-mail to the WSD membership from clubs outside the Bay Area will no longer be used to promote their events. WSD members who would like information on upcoming fly-ins may check the Fly-Ins link in the CALENDARS section on the right side-bar of this page.

    -Change to Local Dance Promotions

    Previously, dance announcements and follow-up reminders sent by Bay Area clubs to promote local dances were forwarded to the WSD membership. Reminders will no longer be sent. Only the original announcement will be provided. Dancers are encouraged to mark their calendars at that time.

    On The Town
    Cupid Gets Around

    Cupid met Ali MacGraw at the Castro Theater tribute. That Pink Fairy thing was also in attendance.

    Ann and John at FCD's Walk & Dodge the Rain.

    25th Anniversary AIDS Quilt Display: WSD Panels

    To coincide with the recent quilt display, Freeman has supplied to our archives a WSD documentary about the 1988 Washington, D.C., National Mall display; the excerpts in the following video clip focus on the panels for WSD members and others in the IAGSDC family.

    [At 4 minutes, the above clip may take several moments to buffer.]

    The 25th Anniversary of the AIDS Memorial Quilt was commemorated in the Castro during February 2012. The original 12' x 12' block created by members of Western Star Dancers in 1987 was been selected for inclusion in the display. At ceremonies on February 12, Former S.F. Supervisor Harry Britt read the names of the Western Stars. Russ was was also a names reader.

    VIDEO: A privately produced clip uploaded to YouTube includes glimpses of the Western Star panels.

    New Photo Archive Aquisition

    Russ recently contributed this club picture, photograhed at the July 1984 graduation, to the WSD Photo Archive. Russ can be seen near the left in the back row. A 30-Year Anniversary celebration will take place on March 17 with caller Eric Henerlau.
    Mouse-over to see expanded photo.

    --News Items from March 2012

    Photos from the ShamRock the Boat WSD 30th Anniversary Dance on March 17

    Ann & Tony going green.

    Ostritch getting goosed...Steve and Steve dressed for St.Patrick's Day.

    Mainstream class members Ron, Atia and Gerard.

    St.Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland so James could promenade as Medusa Erik waving through The Western Star (created by Todd and Joe for Anniversary Dances).

    Dishers Dined on March 26

    In a special non-dancing social event, several WSD club members attended the first Dine & Dish of the year.
    In the photo (provided by Steve Scott), diners standing are (L-R) Tony, Ron, John, Bob, Dan, Donald, Eloise, Rick, Russ, Mark, Elise, Harlan, Tomas, Steve, and Peter. Seated dishers are Steve, Ann, Atia, Steve, Richard (event orgainzer) and Ron.

    Mouse-over to see full-size photo.

    --News Items from April 2012

    Postcard from Tracey

    I had a great night dancing at your club, everyone was so welcoming. It was such a highlight in my dancing experience, so I thank you so much. I will definately recommend your club to fellow travelling Aussie dancers.

    Cheers :-)

    Tracey from Down Under.

    Visiting San Francisco from Australia, Tracey had corresponded with WSD General Contact John Dobson about dance opportunities in The City. In the above photo, he is welcoming her to the April 19 class night. In the picture below, Joe is showing her the special styling for Weave the Ring. Tracey is used to the common condition where there are more women than men and the ladies need to dance both roles; so she enjoyed the opposite situation, as can be seen in the video clip where she is dancing with seven men.

    TIP If a video clip stalls, click on PAUSE and allow for it to buffer for a few moments, then click on PLAY.

    Appointment of WSD Delegate to Vancouver Convention

    Mario [above], WSD incumbent Delegate to the IAGSDC, has volunteered to serve again this July as club representative in Vancouver. Steve Huggins will serve as Alternate Delegate.

    Video and Photos from the Ghost Riders 40th Anniversary Dance

    Hunter Keller can be heard calling to the live music of The Ghost Riders. Watch for Ann & Tony swing dancing; Matt, Caroline, and Steve in the square; and Willie & James in the Cha Cha!

             Gary and Ann.

         Willie and Matt.

          Elise won the door prize

    On The Town

    Steve and Paul attending 2012 Easter festivities in Dolores Park.

    --News Items from May 2012

    Tomas in Video Interview
    He discusses Advance-Level call Brace Thru


    Dan has produced a video clip showing Tomas explaining how he worked on changing the name of the Advance-Level call previously known as Half Breed Thru. [WSD-TV LINK].

    At The Stumptown Stomp
    Event was held May 18 - 20

    BELOW: At the Stomp: Bob and Gary Ready to Stomp: Tony and John
    Feeling a Stomp Coming On: Rick and Bob
    Stompers at Rest: Tony and Fabian

    --News Items from June 2012

    Promenade to Equality
    Dance event was held June 9.

    This year's Pride theme of Equality Around the World was celebrated at the joint-venture Western Star/Foggy City Promenade to Equality dance with caller Sandie Bryant. Six squares filled the hall at Forest Hill. PHOTO ABOVE: Mr.SquareDance & Russ

    Tony & Elise
    Tony & Ann
    Steve, Gary, Alice and Ed
    VIDEO CLIP BELOW: Michael Levy gives Steve Meyer a whirl and twirl.

    Mainstream Graduation Photos and Video Clip

    See the WSD Website CLASSES PAGE for grad pictures and a clip of the 16-Dancers Specialty Tip [LINK]
    Special thanks to Art for bringing the wonderful cake, to Art, Bob and Louis for setting up the dance studio every week, and especially to Archangel Steve Meyer for managing the weekly classes, frequently bringing snacks, and making announcements. And congratulations to instructor Rich Reel for teaching another group of talented dancers. Have your cake and eat it, too: Steve force-feeds Art.

    Plus-Level Class Archangel


    The new Plus Class started on June 7. Louis (pictured), is the Class Coordinator, "The Archangel-Plus Louis." Cost of class is $75 for first-time Plus students; $35 for "re-takers." Classes are held on Thursdays from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the second floor dance studio at HMRC. SING OUT, LOUIS: As Mainstream Archangel Steve officially turned the class over to incoming Archangel-Plus Louis, Louis collapsed in hysterical embarassment after having made an unexpected rude noise... Luckily, Steve was not holding the microphone at the wrong end.

    SPECIAL LOUIS BIO FEATURE (originally published July 2010): Read about a life with early years in a segregated school juxtaposed to a special Inauguration Day trip to Washington, D.C. [LINK]

    --News Items from July 2012

    Scenes from The Roadrunner Dance

    Eric Henerlau called at the July 28 dance. In the video clip, he can be seen singing on-stage (in white jacket), then later dancing a Round on the floor along with Tony & Ann and Willie & James.

    2013 S.F. Convention Hotel Reservations Now Available

    Rate information and hotel contact sources appear on the WSD Website CONVENTON PAGE [LINK]

    Convention Photos

    The dancers have returned from Vancouver. Thanks to Tony & Ann for the pictures below and in the Right Side Bar.

    Ann & Tony

    James & Willie; Ron & Richard

    Tony & Rich

    Mario and Tony

    Future Convention News
    and updates from Vancouver

    DATELINE Vancouver--
    (at left in photo with Brad) reports that the 2015 Convention will be held in St. Louis, and that it is back to Toronto in 2016. The previous Toronto Convention was held in 2002. It is now time to start working on the 2013 San Francisco Convention. Volunteers are needed for the Entertainment Committee [INFO LINK]. TRAILS OF THE CITY:
    The skit performed in Vancouver to promote the Weave Your Heart 2013 S.F. Convention got good reviews. The skit featured Caroline (in photo above) in a spoof of Tales of the City.
    - A conventioneer from Atlanta won the raffle for the 2013 S.F. hotel.
    - The new Honky Tonk Queens are the Dick Clark & Davy Jones Zombies from the Toronto Triangle Squares.

    --News Items from August 2012

    Here I Come
    Getting the Word Out

    Steve promoted Weave Your Heart while James promoted the Squarecrow's Ball during square dance festivities at The Sunnyvale Centennial on August 25.
    VIDEO CLIP: Excerpts from "California, Here I Come" with Arlene, Kurt, Caroline, Jeff, Willie & James.
    TIP If a video clip stalls, click on PAUSE and allow for it to buffer for a few moments, then click on PLAY.

    Pride Booth Earnings


    Eleven shifts of work were listed by members of Western Star for an earning of over $420 to the club treasury. Thanks to all who volunteered and to those who listed WSD as the beneficiary. The ledger of earnings for all the clubs is listed near the bottom of the left sidebar on this page.


    22 FCD $845.86
    12 O8's $461.37
    11 WSD $422.92
    04 2013 $153.79
    01 ECR $38.44
    02 MS $76.89
    03 DD $115.34
    TOTAL 55 shifts:
    Earned per server shift:

    --News Items from September 2012

    Louis Inducted into Order of the Two Left Feet


    The Order of the Two Left Feet is bestowed once a year on that member who has brought humor and whimsy to WSD. The 2012 investiture of Louis into The Order was officiated by Tony, O2LF'11. Louis has served as Plus Class Archangel and also produced the Mardi Gras Class Night. Previous inductees: Davida, O2LF'10; Tomas, O2LF'09; SteveS, O2LF'08; Gary, O2LF'07, Daniel, O2LF'06; Ammon, O2LF'05.

    Circulate San Francisco

    The bus tour dance and picnic took place Saturday September 29. Several photos and video clips are displayed on the WSD Website "CIRCULATE PAGE" [LINK].


    Rich and Vicki were callers at Jubilee

    Jubilee Rich

    Western Star class instructor Rich Reel was a caller at Jubilee in mid-September. In the 18-second video clip, he sings "Ghostriders in the Sky." The square includes Gary & Caroline, Willie & James, and Alice & Ed.
    BELOW: Elise and Gary at Jubilee.
    CREDITS: Photo by Steve Huggins; Video by Elise; vocals by Rich.

    Web TV Promotes Beginner Class

    Click on photo below to jump to the WSD/TV Page and watch John and Marilynn in a special program promoting Western Star classes.

    John & Marilynn

    Fall Frolic Dance
    Event Was Held September 8

    Vic PHOTO AT RIGHT: 50/50 Winner Duane.
    BELOW: Russ and Elise attended the dance featuring caller Anne Uebelacker.
    FAR BELOW: Gary and Brandon resting between tips.

    Peggy and Anne at Fall Frolic dance.

    Plus Class Graduation

    Plus Class graduates Dave and Gerard flank Class Coordinator Louis during ceremonies on September 6.

    Labor Day Past

    This video clip shows a few quick moments from the 2009 WSD Labor Day Picnic. For 2012, a picnic is sheduled during the Circulate San Francisco event on September 29.

    --News Items from October 2012

    Castro Street Fair Photos

    David and David (and The Little Mermaid)

    Tony and James

    New class member Steve and Steve

    Willie dancing with Tony

    VIDEO CLIP: Willie & Tony Two-Step; Erik Shadow Dance; Steve says "Ahhhh"

    --News Items from November 2012

    Elf Night at WSD

    Flora Although Rudolph was sniffing around The Holiday Elf at the WSD seasonal celebration on December 6 (The Feast of St. Nicholas), both managed to produce a fabulous pot luck and gift exchange night in collaboration with WSD Special Events Coordinator Paul, who created the Nutcracker Fantasy to frame the gift display.

    VIDEO CLIP: Dancing to tunes of the season.

    Orange Blossom Special Dancers
    at the Rich Reel Birthday Party
    Event was 12/12/12.

    Video Clip

    Keeping Warm at the InterClub Social.
    Event was December 27.

    InterClub Socialites: Tony and Elise.

    John Kenny, organizer of the event, reports that donations totaled $674, which will be transmitted to the All Join Hands Foundation to be targeted to GCA activities.

    High Society: Ann and Gary

    AND SCENES FROM POSADA Posadamites: Davida, Atia, Tony

    More Posadamites: David and David

    Exotic Dancing
    Silver Bells Sync and Strip
    VIDEO CLIP: Entertainment from the Posada. Davida "sings" and Spike strips. 90 seconds.

    Looking Back on the Old Year--
    It Happened in 2012

    Mario and The Western Star Dancers banner.
    That was the year that was.

    WSD 30th Anniversary Dance.
    ShamRock the Boat
    (St. Patrick's Day).
    March 17, 2012
    ABOVE: Fabian, Richard, Marie and Kathy

    Stumptown Stomp.
    May 18, 2012.
    Stompers Rick and Bob.

    Mainstream Class of 2012 Graduation.
    May 31, 2012.

    Rich (instructor), Denis, Gerard, Ron, Atia, and Steve (Archangel).

    Promenade to Equality Dance.
    June 9, 2012.
    Mr.SquareDance and Russ.

    Pride Day Fund-Raiser Beverage Booth.
    June 24, 2012.
    Louis and Brandon; Tomas.

    Vancouver Convention.
    July, 2012.

    Plus Class Completion.
    September 6, 2012.

    Dave, instructor Rich, Gerard, and Archangel Louis.

    Fall Frolic Dance.
    September 8, 2012.

    Peggy and Anne.

    Circulate San Francisco.
    September 29, 2012.

    Joint Midnight Squares-Foggy City-Western Star Dance.
    November 17, 2012.

    WSD Holiday Celebration.
    December 6, 2012.

    InterClub Social.
    December 27, 2012.

    Rich, Harlan and Kurt.

    And a Happy 2013Erik and The Western Star




    --News Items from July 2011

    Pot-Luckers Squared Up

    The WSD Mid-Summer Pot Luck hosted by Lorenzo on July 24 included two squares and plenty of good food. (27 seconds)

    Tribute Was Held at PLAYLAND
    Remembering Richard Tuck

    Several of Richard's friends attended the celebration of his life on July 23 at Playland-Not-At-The-Beach in El Cerrito.

    Tony enjoys the Playland arcade.
    In the video clip, dancers outside in the parking lot can be viewed on an indoor table top as projected by the camera obscura. (35 seconds)

    TIP If a video clip stalls, click on PAUSE and allow for it to buffer for a few moments, then click on PLAY.


    --News Items from August 2011

    How Steve Spent His Birthday

    Photo card by BRANDON.
    Steve's birthday on August 29 was the same day that Rich Reel was calling for FCD during the Chase the Rainbow Series; so it was a good opportunity to celebrate. Steve is a former WSD Administrator and is a Lifetime Member of the club.

    How Tony Spent His Summer Vacation. Part 1 of a Series.

    Recalling that in past eras people would make a day of visiting the cemetery with picnics and music, square dance conventioneers to Atlanta went to Oakland Cemetery and danced near the grave site of Margaret Mitchell. Tony made a pilgrimage to the Sleeping Lion of the Confederacy. Lion VIDEO CLIP: The Mitchell grave; dancing; Tony & the Lion.

    Plus Grads

    Tony, Steve and Lewis, pictured with instructor Rich Reel, graduated from the WSD Plus Class on August 18.

    Skateboard Squares

    The Plus graduation took place in the HMRC Photo Exhibit Room where windows overlook the park. During the dancing, watch for the skate boarders outside the window.

    Scenes from the Squarecrow's Ball

    The August 20th event with caller Scot Byars was a major success with several squares and many potential dancers trying out the intro tips. Western Star's upcoming beginner class was promoted at the ball.

    Ann & John enjoyed the Squarecrow's Ball Nancy arriving at the ball Matt with James
    VIDEO CLIP: Dancing in the Dark. Scenes from the Squarecrow's Ball.
    MORE VIDEO: The video clip of The Queens Waltz performed at the ball can be viewed on WSD/TV Channel 4 [LINK].

    "Sunday Streets"

    Sunday Streets on August 14 included square dancing with Caper Cutters caller Jim Osborne.

    ABOVE: Cecilia &TonyL, Jane & SteveS, TonyC

    VIDEO CLIP: Bill & Sylvia were guests at WSD Plus Class on August 11. Here they are dancing in a square with SteveM and TonyC.

    Huntington Square Dance
    Circulate S.F. 2011
    Video Clips

    [Mouse-over and click on group photo to see full-size]

    Dancing in Huntington Square on Nob Hill is featured in the video below. Clips of the Mexican Bus Ride with visit to Japan Town, and dancing at Aquatic Park, Alamo Square, and also Civic Center are displayed on the PHOTOS/VIDEO Page [LINK]. Thanks to Rich and Paul for a great day!

    When the Devil Comes A-Courtin'
    Olde Tymes with Vicki and Andy


    FCD's first Chase the Rainbow session of the summer ended the evening with Vicki Woods calling Pickle Up A Doodle-- always a challenge since there is a sudden ROLL PROMENADE quickly followed by a GENTS ROLL BACK. Andy spent an hour work-shopping it at convention before the crowd got it right.
    (VIDEO CLIP: 55 seconds)

    --News Items from September 2011

    Harvest Moon Dance
    FCD Plus/Advance Event Had Good WSD Representation

    At the September 17th dance with caller Vic Cedar, several WSD dancers showed up, including 50/50 winner Steve, and Lewis (pictured with Elise, BELOW).

    Handing Over the Wings
    New Class Gets New Archangel

    At the new term Introduction Session on September 15, Class of 2011 Archangel John posed with new dancer Elissa. Class of 2012 Archangel Steve began his term by welcoming the new students, including Gerard [BELOW LEFT].

    Remembering 9/11


    Beth and Stephanie at the September 11 Opera in the Park-S.F. Civic Observance Commemorating the Tenth Anniversary of 9/11

    How Tony Spent His Summer Vacation. Part 4 of a Series.

     ABOVE: Atlanta's Finest escorts Tony.

    After mounting The Lion of the Confederacy, establishing his reputation as a chick magnet, and re-enacting the Battle of Atlanta while attending his first Square Dance Convention (read of those adventures below), Tony had a heart to heart talk with Officer Dallas. Back at the hotel, Tony learned that square dancing culture embraces a variety of dance forms as he watched the square dancers perform Contra steps to live music. TIP If a video clip stalls, click on PAUSE and allow for it to buffer for a few moments, then click on PLAY.

    How Tony Spent His Summer Vacation. Part 3 of a Series.

     CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: Tony, James & Willie, Steve.

    While at the Atlanta Square Dance Convention, Tony and the group on the Fun Badge Tour enjoyed the spectacle of the Atlanta Cyclorama. It is not possible to capture the wonder of the 40 ft. x 360 ft. painting that depicts The Battle of Atlanta in a photograph or on film. The audience members assumed the diorama figures were life size until live spectators were invited to step up to the display.

    VIDEO CLIP: Fun Badge Tour visit to the Cyclorama. [20 seconds] TIP If a video clip stalls, click on PAUSE and allow for it to buffer for a few moments, then click on PLAY.

    How Tony Spent His Summer Vacation. Part 2 of a Series.

    ABOVE: Chick Magnet Tony

    The Junior National Volleyball Championship athletes were housed at the same hotel as the square dancers during the Atlanta Convention. In a most unusual juxtaposition of dancers, the Volley Ball Girls and the conventioneers enjoyed the ballroom together during the "Leather Tip."
    VIDEO CLIP: Perhaps the most joyous combined dance moment ever. Brown-eyed girls and brown-eyed boys. Michael Kellogg (in white fedora) can be seen in the square behind the girls. [69 seconds] TIP If a video clip stalls, click on PAUSE and allow for it to buffer for a few moments, then click on PLAY.

    There Was Dancing at Davida's

    While the Rec Center was "dark" on September 1, the recently graduated Plus class was invited to dance on Davida's rooftop deck with caller Rich Reel.Thanks to Rich and Davida for providing the class with extra floor time.

    --News Items from October 2011

    Scenes From WSD Fall Dance
    Joint Dance on October 29th celebrated Foggy City Dancers 28th Anniversary.

    ABOVE: Administrators Gary (WSD) & Steve (FCD) cut the Joint Dance cake.
    Nancy of Midnight Squares, posing with caller Ken Ritucci, won the 50/50 raffle. BELOW: Davida as Hitchcock blonde Tippi Hedren, battled The Birds.

    This Is Alice


    Alice, who has served as an "angel" off and on for the past few months, has joined the club and is now Western Star's newest member. Alice had previously danced with Midnight Squares, belonged to a tap dancing performance group, and is an accomplished round dancer. See the tap dance video clip of a performance in the ballroom at HMRC. Alice is in the center of the back row in the first segment, and also after the fabulous costume change.

    Never one to be outdone, and giving Alice a run for the money, Steve performed at the Fall Dance.


    Erik, the Round Dance cuer for The Western Starlets, posed with the banner at the Fall Dance.

    On The Town
    "Bad Seeders"

    Flora WSD member Marilynn Fowler performed as Rhoda Penmark at the Castro Theater on October 15 in a spoof of The Bad Seed. Steve, who often channels Patty McCormack, congratulated Marilynn after the show.

    Caroline of the Crinolines breaks box office records

           Caroline and Steve at Circulate San Francisco.
    The video featuring Caroline caught up in a swirl of queens, kilts and crinolines is the most popular clip of the season with 100 hits--an impressive record considering a very recent premiere on the WSD Website.

    TIP If a video clip stalls, click on PAUSE and allow for it to buffer for a few moments, then click on PLAY.


    Scenes from Quads Hoedown

    James, Caroline, and Capper Cutters caller Jim Osborne at the Hoedown.
    The Challenging Plus Hoedown presented by the Stanford Quads in Palo Alto on October 8 included a lot of left-handed calls and unusual formations. A few seconds of easier calls from Rob French and two-step cuer John Flora are included in the video clip. [42 seconds]

    Postcard from Lorenzo


    These pictures are from the Mountain Mix fly-in in Winter Park Colorado: Lorenzo and Rusty in Rocky Mountain National Park; and callers Bronc Wise and Bear Miller with the mountains in the background.


    New Member: Joe Cherry

    In the photo below, WSD staff caller Rich Reel welcomes Joe Cherry into the club on September 22. Joe is also WSD's newest "angel" volunteering to help fill the squares at the Basic/Mainstream class.

    Annual Member's Meeting
    and September Board Meeting Minutes

    John, the WSD Secretary, has issued the Minutes of the two meetings held in September. They can be viewed from the Board Page.
    [Minutes LINK]

    Castro Street Fair C/W Dancing

    For the first time in many years, WSD did not have a dance booth at the fair. Instead, some dancers tried out the two-steps and waltzes at the Sundance area. In the video clip, watch for square dancers Mick, Willie & James, and Tony & Steve.


    How do you spell Y.M.C.A.?

    This clip is a bit longer than most that are presented here, but it becomes more comical as it progresses and everyone ends up facing different directions. Watch for good old Sol leading the group, Jane, Bill, Ann, Steve Meyer, and the bemused Willie.

    --News Items from November 2011

    WSD Board of Directors Election Results.

    Flora WSD Elections Director Steve Scott announced that 22 club members had voted in the November 17 election. He and Tally Mistress Elise verified that all 6 candidates had been elected. Steve Meyer and Art Bradley (in photo) are now new members on the Board. Four incumbents were re-elected.

    Mayor Square


    Because WSD does not endorse civic candidates for office, these pictures were held for publication until after the local election. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee came out from City Hall to "join our square" during Sunday Streets.
    WSD Administrator Gary with the mayor.
    WSD member Tony (Caper Cutters Vice President), Mayor Lee, and Former WSD Administrator Russ.

    Pride Beverage Booth Earnings

    Bob, WSD Treasurer, reports that a total of $555 (including tips) was raised for WSD at the beverage booth. Following a year of financial concerns, these earning will help the club to enter 2012 in good shape.
    Steve, Louis and Bob were among the beverage booth volunteers.

    --News Items from December 2011

    Scenes from WSD Holiday Party

    Potluck buffet at the Holiday Party

    Holiday Elf with Bad Seed braids interviews Elise

    Alice and Atia at WSD Holiday Party

    InterClub Holiday Social Dance
    $805 raised for All Join Hands

    John Kenny (above left) was the host and Steve Meyer (right) represented the Western Star Dancers at the event on December 26.
    VIDEO CLIP: A few moments of the dancing. 38 seconds.


    Square dancers welcomed the season by dancing to holiday songs along a route through the Castro neighborhood.

    Posada at Casa Tomás

    Although not a club event, Tomás invited all WSD members and students to this festive event at his home.
    Ron, Atia and Elise enjoying Posada.


    Relay the Reindeer
    Moments from the Diablo Dancers Event

    ABOVE: WSD members Craig and Lorenzo get into the holiday spririt at Relay the Reindeer dance.
    VIDEO CLIP: See Santa dance. Hear Deborah yodel.

    TIP If a video clip stalls, click on PAUSE and allow for it to buffer for a few moments, then click on PLAY.




    2010 News Items

    Items are indexed in reverse chronology. At end of index, scroll down to story by date.

    • Web TV Promotes New Class. September 14, 2010

    • Plus Class Finishes. September 23, 2010

    • Circulate the Golden Gate. August 28, 2010

    • Dan Interviews Louis. July 28, 2010

    • Dan on Peter's TV Show. July 24, 2010

    • Hawaiian Club Night. July 21, 2010

    • Medallion Dancers. July 8, 2010

    • WSD Members in Androcles June 18, 2010

    • Mainstream Grads. May 25, 2010

    • Stumptown: CottonEye Joe. May 17, 2010

    • WSD Anniversary Dance: Where Were You in '82? March 7, 2010

    • New Home: Hello to HMRC. January 5, 2010

    Web TV Promotes New WSD Class

    September 14, 2010

    Click on photo below to jump to the WSD/TV Page and watch John and Marilynn in a special program promoting the upcoming class.

    John & Marilynn
    Also now playing on WSD/TV: Dan Smith discusses how square dancing has inspired his art form. Link to WSD/TV Channel 2.

    Plus Class Finishes

    September 23, 2010

    Steve & Cliff
    Green Fairy Steve with new Plus Grad Cliff

    Video Clip: Diploma Photo Op (10 seconds)

    Circulate the Golden Gate

    August 28, 2010

    In the following video clip, two lady tourists, on their way to visit the museum at the Legion of Honor, jumped into the square forming at the Eagles Nest Overlook.

    For Circulate photos and video clips, go to the Photos Page [LINK].

    WSD Member Profile: All About Louis

    July 28, 2010

    Read about a life with early years in a segregated school juxtaposed to a special Inauguration Day trip to Washington, D.C. [LINK]

    Dan & Peter Do Du Fu

    July 24, 2010

    Dan appeared on Peter's community access TV program, A View for You, to discuss the poetry of Du Fu. View on YouTube.
    Part 1 of 3 [LINK].
    Dan & Peter

    Hawaiian Club Night

    July 21, 2010

    The July 21 Hawaiian-Theme Club Night.

    Boy Poi

    Russ and Steve flank Cliff

    The video clip includes moments of Fen calling, Davida twirling, Cliff singing, and David at the piano.
    Tomás, the Yellow Year inductee into The Order of the Two Left Feet, announced that his selection for the Green Year recipient is Davida. The award is given to a person who brings joy, humor or a special whimsy to the club.


    O2LF-Inductee Davida

    Medallion Dancers

    July 8, 2010


    At the Chicago Convention, Michael (photo above) was awarded a 10-Year and Felix (below) was awarded a 20-Year Medallion. The video clip shows Bob congratulating Michael, and a few seconds of Felix on the dias; and 20-Year recipient Ed, the Midnight Squares liason to WSD, was the final honoree.

    Social Scene: Androcles and the Lion

    June 18, 2010
    Dan as "Christian Captive" with theater fan Davida

    WSD members Elise, Cindy, Dan and DavidH were all involved in the SFFCT production of Androcles and the Lion.

    Mainstream Class of 2010

    May 25, 2010

    Link to YouTube to see the blindfold tip celebrating class completion.
    [Blindfold Link]

    Grads Cliff and Abby flank the Green Class Fairy

    Scenes from
    The Stumptown Stomp

    May 17, 2010

    As seen in the following video clip, WSD's Anniversary Dance caller Eric and Fiesta Club Night caller Michael joined in the fun between tips at the Stomp.

    Where Were You in '82?

    March 7, 2010

    In 1982, some of us were in Western Star's first Mainstream class. On March 6, we celebrated the occasion at our 28th Anniversary Dance, called by club-favorite Eric Henerlau. Here are some video highlights:

    Hello HMRC

    January 5, 2010

    We're up and running at our new class location, the upstairs Dance Studio at Harvey Milk Rec Center (HMRC), 50 Scott Street, at the west end of Duboce Park. Reaction to the new space has been positive, and the parking situation has'nt been bad at all.

    We introduced ourselves to the other HMRC folks at the Open House Celebration. See highlights from our demo tip:




    Updated Jan. 2012