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Masthead Photo: Circulate San Francisco 2011 at City Hall. Mouse-Over and click for full-size original.


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Valentine Party February 14, 2013

BELOW: Ron & Atia; Rich & Tony; Louis and Jay.

WSD 31st Anniversary Dance: Hippity Hop Thru. March 23, 2013
ABOVE: Russ, Steve, Elise, James, Willie, Michael, Rich in the Bunny Hop line.
BELOW: Celebration cake; Nancy, Bunny Steve, Elise; Caller Hunter Keller with Tony..


Mainstream Class of 2013 Graduation. April 18, 2013

ABOVE: Celebration cake; Archangel Tony, instructor Rich, grads Jay, Alistair, Steve; Russ prepares Alistair for the blindfold tip.

Cinco de Mayo Dance. May 4, 2013

ABOVE: Celebration cake; Italo and Tony; Davida and John.


30th Anniversary Dance. ShamRock the Boat (St. Patrick's Day). March 17, 2012

ABOVE: Fabian, Richard, Marie and Kathy

BELOW: 50/50 winner Gerard; Leon; star makers Todd & Joe.


Mainstream Class of 2012 Graduation. May 31, 2012.

ABOVE: Celebration cake; Rich, Denis, Gerard, Ron, Atia, and Steve.
BELOW: Class instructor Rich with new graduate Denis; The investiture of Ron as a new WSD member by Badge-pinner The Archangel-Plus Louis; Atia with Mainstream Archangel Steve.


Pride Day Fund-Raiser Beverage Booth. June 24, 2012.
BELOW: Louis and Brandon; Lewis and Gary; Donald; Tomas.

Plus Class Completion. September 6, 2012.
BELOW: Dave, instructor Rich, Gerard, and Archangel Louis.

Fall Frolic Dance September 8, 2012.
BELOW: Duane; Gary and Brandon; Peggy and Anne.

Castro Street Fair. October 7, 2012.
ABOVE: Erik shadow dancing.
BELOW: David and David (and Little Mermaid) at Castro Theater; Steve and Steve; Davida and Gary.

Joint Midnight Squares-Foggy City-Western Star Dance with Bronc Wise. November 17, 2012.
BELOW: Joint-Dance cake; Atia, winner of the 50/50 prize; Three Tonys.


Mad Hatter's Party January 20, 2011

BELOW: Elise; Beth & Stephanie; Art.


Lunar New Year Party February 3, 2011

BELOW: Tony; David with panda door prize; Dan.

Valentine Party February 10, 2011

BELOW: Stephanie & Beth; Rich & Tony; Rick & John; Steve & Tony.

Mardi Gras Party March 3, 2011

BELOW: Louis; Bob & Elilse; Tony as "Rex".

St. Patrick's Day Party March 17, 2011

BELOW: Rich; David; Louis & Tony.

29th Anniversary Dance March 19, 2011. Forest Hill Christian Church. Jet Roberts, Caller.

BELOW:Tomas; Caller Jet Roberts & Tony; Steve.


Bunnies, Baskets and Bonnets April 21, 2011
BELOW:Tony & Steve; John & Elise; Gary & Davida; Tony Cottontail.

Mainstream Graduation May 5, 2011
BELOW:Steve, Lewis, instructor Rich, Art, and Tony.

Pride Dance (Joint Dance with Foggy City) June 18, 2011. Caller: Mike DeSisto.

ABOVE: Russ with Mr. SquareDance

BELOW: Dance coordinators Steve Miller (representing FCD) and Rick (WSD) at the boxoffice table.;
50/50 Queen Steve Scott and caller Mike DeSisto.

Pride Day Fund-Raiser Beverage Booth June 26, 2011

ABOVE: Mario photographed from inside the booth.
BELOW:Servers Elise & Steve; Steve on tap; Brandon on duty.


Pot Luck July 24, 2011. Home of Lorenzo. Rich Reel, Caller.

ABOVE: Steve, Tony, Lorenzo, Steve, Elise, Steve (photographed on Lorenzo's deck).
BELOW:Rich at the mic; Elise, Lorenzo, Tony and John ready to Track Two; Dan and Steve cut the pot luck pies.


Dancing at Davida's September 1, 2011. Home of Davida. Rich Reel, Caller.

ABOVE: With the Rec Center "dark" for building maintenance, the Plus Review was held on Davida's rooftop deck.

Squaroling with FCD. December 2011.
ABOVE: Caroline, Willie, Gary, Elise, Tony, Ann, Rich, Marilynn.


Fiesta Club Night May 19, 2010
Entertainment and Costumes by Davida & Tomas; Mural by Dan; Decorations by Tomas.

Jacobs   Dan

Hawaiian Club Night July 21, 2010
Celebrity celebrants Russ, Cliff and Steve.


Circulate the Golden Gate August 28, 2010
CircGroup ABOVE: Dan. BELOW LEFT: Steve & Cliff view Seal Rocks.   BELOW RIGHT: At the Wave Organ.

Sutro  WaveOrgan
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Circulate 2010 Photo Album, link to FLICKR.

Vintage WSD
~ 2006 ~

Gray and Jim: L&L Dance; Gary and Lee: L&L Dance;Jerry and Daniel: Purple Graduation

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WSD Members at Golden State Round-Up, 1983.

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