Why dance?

You are welcome.

LGBTQ Square Dance clubs embrace everyone. Most people dance both the “boy” role and the “girl” role. In addition, wear what is comfortable for you! This clip shows a club night of dancing with a New York City club.

You get to move!

With so many of us working from home, we might not move around as much as we used to. Covid really hit everyone hard. It’s sometimes easier to watch TV than to go out. But check out these folks who are moving along to some fast calling!

It can be as easy or as challenging as you like

Square dancing has grown and evolved over time, and it is for people that just want to be dance and be social. It’s also for people that want to engage and spend years honing, practicing, and improving. These folks are using a short list of calls in different ways. Note the pop song, as well. (Caller: Darren Gallina)

Square dancing is collaborative, not competitive

We dance to have fun! You and the other 7 dancers in your square are working together to make everything happen. There’s no competition for “better”; there are no gold medals or first-place ribbons.

We teach at your pace

Nothing is more frustrating than teaching that is too slow or too fast. Here’s a snippet of a class from Australia with a caller walking a class through some calls.

In their own words